Name: Unknown
Alias:: Eye-Scream
Powers:: Eye-Scream has the superhuman mutant ability to turn into ice cream. He can "melt" himself with the help of his unstable molecule refrigeration unit. With that he could ooze into small openings or under doorways or cracks in the wall. Presumably this also meant he could freeze himself and possibly shield himself from bullets or other harmful projectiles.
First Appearance: Obnoxio the Clown vs. the X-Men #1 (1983)




Little is known about the past of the man known as Eye-Scream, but regular humans and mutants alike may have ridiculed him because of his superhuman ability. Eye-Scream had plotted the destruction of the X-Men whose powers made his power seem foolish. This caused him to hate the mutant team and he vowed to destroy them to prove his naysayers wrong.

When he was about to execute his master plan at the X-Mansion, Obnoxio the Clown (a clown hired for Kitty Pryde's birthday party) appeared. The clown's appearance and forced entry into the mansion created an impromptu diversion for Eye-Scream's ingress inside. Eye-Scream oozed into the control room of the Danger Room while the X-Men were preoccupied with Obnoxio within the Danger Room. He then activated the automated defense systems inside the Danger Room, attempting to slay the X-Men with them. With the aid of Obnoxio, the X-Men fortunately overcame the lethal defense systems. As this was happening, Professor X set the temperature within the control room to below freezing. The X-Men, Professor X, and Obnoxio gathered in the control room to find Eye-Scream frozen stiff. It was not shown, but it could be assumed the X-Men turned him over to the police. Eye-Scream has been M.I.A. ever since and we still do not know if he retained his powers after M-Day.