Name: Blue Kelso

Alias: Bluestreak

Powers: Bluestreak is a mutant capable of running at superhuman speeds. Her top velocity is unknown, but she can exceed the speed of sound. She also possesses incredible stamina and can run for long periods of time without showing any signs of fatigue.

First Appearance: A-Next #4 (1999)


Blue Kelso, also known as Bluestreak, is a denizen of Earth-982 (The MC2 Universe). Blue first appeared in an incarnation of the modern version of her world's X-Men, called the X-People. Leaving this group as she didn't think that it created the right image for herself, she was then recruited by the American Dream and formed the Dream Team. This in turn led to Blue meeting the Avengers of her time and eventually became a member of A-Next. Bluestreak's cocky attitude and overconfidence made it hard for her to take orders from her leader, Mainframe. Regardless, she quickly developed a crush on fellow member J2. The only thing that surpassed her cocky attitude was her ability to use her amazing speed. When Mainframe's body had to be transported across the city in under a minute, Bluestreak did it with time to spare.

vs. Eye-Scream

Now, a speedster is someone Eye-Scream could POTENTIALLY beat, although he'd still need a lot of luck. Blue is incredibly quick to act with very little regard to her actions or the people around her, and she also tends to show off. If Eye-Scream could react quickly enough, he could suddenly turn into an ice cream puddle and lay staionary in Bluestreak's running range. As she runs over him, bam, she trips and falls at the speed of sound. Thats got to hurt.


Bluestreak is another obscure character, and another character who's design was what initally got me to like her at first. I really like her costume and those really nifty 80's cyan shades, they look really sweet. Blue's part of the MC2 universe, which is an alternate future of the regular Marvel Universe. She's one of the Avengers in her reality, and one of the longest running members as well. I think she has one of the most potential out of the characters introduced there as shes the most different to the character she was originally based on (Quicksilver). Most of Tom DeFalco's "children of legends" characters were for the most part similar to their counterparts except for Blue here. She's not arrogant or uptight, shes happy and upbeat, and a tad too quick on deciding upon actions. Those reasons alone are prob why I enjoy Blue so much as I've always liked happy go lucky characters as opposed to the grim and brooding ones.