Name: Patsy Walker

Alias: Hellcat

Powers: Hellcat can sense mystical phenomena or those items or persons touched by mystical energy. She can use a force field that deflects mystical attacks. She is able to summon her costume at will. Patsy is a well-trained martial artist, having been taught by both Captain America and Moondragon. Her suit also grants her sharp claws and augmented strength, agility and durability.

First Appearance: Miss America Magazine #2 (1944)


Patsy was born in a dull little town called "Centerville". There she grew up with long-time friend and sometimes arch-rival Hedy Wolfe. In her teenage years, she started dating Robert "Buzz" Baxter, whom she already knew from childhood on. When Patsy was old enough, she and Hedy rented their own place and the two lived together for some years. Not without trouble, however. Hedy was a good friend, but could become overly jealous of the attention Patsy had from boys, most notably the boy she was dating, longtime friend Buzz. This was because Hedy also had bit of a crush on Buzz.

At the same time Patsy's mother, Dorothy Walker, began to write fictionalized romantic adventures of her daughter as a teenager. Upon Patsy's request, she asked her mother to base characters on Robert Baxter and Hedy. This meant that within the Marvel Universe there where actual "Patsy Walker" comic-books alongside other story-within-story comics such as "Millie the Model". In later issues, it is implied that most of the adventures Patsy, Hedy, and Buzz have are fictionalized stories her mother wrote. This does not necessarily mean that these stories never happened in normal continuity, but it would make them second-hand retellings that would have been 'romanticized' a bit, if not outright fiction by Dorothy Walker.

Eventually Patsy married Buzz and so Hedy and Patsy stopped living together, although the two girls remained close friends over the years. Married life was not as good as Patsy had hoped. Buzz had joined the US Air Force and served a number of tours overseas. Disturbed by some certain incidents he experienced in Vietnam, Buzz became tense and irritable and the young couple's dream of a happy married life seemed to vaporize before their eyes.

During this time, Buzz was promoted to captain and was sent to the Brand Company where he would supervise the security surrounding certain projects. Baxter was vexed by the presence of the mutant X-Man Beast on the premises, unaware that he was the newly-hired genetics researcher Hank McCoy.

When Patsy helped Hank McCoy and learned of his alter-ego, she promised to keep his secret safe as long as he promised to help her become a "super heroine". Soon after the Beast left the Brand Company, Patsy divorced her husband and went looking for the Beast. She found him working as an Avenger and reminded him of his promise. Beast, wanting to keep her promise, allowed her accompany him on an Avengers mission which was relevant to her.

She and the Avengers went to investigate the illegal activities of a private army quartered in a Brand Corporation-owned building--the same company her ex-husband worked for. It was there that Patsy found one of Greer Nelson's (the hero known as Tigra) old costumes from when she was known as The Cat. Patsy donned the costume on and took the name 'Hellcat'. Inside the building, she travel with the Avengers to the Squadron Supreme's dimension. Upon their return, the Avengers were captured by Brand operatives. Hellcat managed to escape and threatened her ex-husband with her claws if he would not release the Avengers. Patsy raked Baxter's face to prove that she was serious, so he complied and released the Avengers. Baxter vowed vengeance after he was humiliated by his ex-wife. After this mission Patsy was offered a membership but she was persuaded by Moondragon to train in psychic ability and advanced barefoot martial arts on the moon Titan. The training gave her minor psionic potential. Once returning to Earth, she assists Doctor Strange in a battle and not before long joined his superhero team known as the Defenders.

Soon after joining the Defenders, Patsy found herself in the midst of superhero battles and adventures. Although she had a striking and fearfull name, Patsy remained true to herself and often joked during battles. She had a great relationship with many of her teammates, often being the 'heart and soul' of the Defenders. Patsy was one of the few persons whom could calm down their sometimes team-member Hulk. During her superhero career, Patsy remained close friends with Hedy. Patsy had even trusted Hedy with her secret identity.

While with the Defenders, Patsy met a new teammate named Daimon Hellstrom. The two became close friends and fought in many battles together. Although Daimon called himself "the Son of Satan", Patsy saw something gentle and noble in Daimon. Their relationship soon blossomed and eventually the two started a relationship. After some time, the two got married and retired from being superheroes. Occasionally helping out their former Defenders teammates. During this time, Patsy lost most contact with her Defenders teammates, accept for Gargoyle. Even her contact with Hedy faded away during this time. Patsy however finally seemed to have her long and happily ever after with Daimon.

Eventually, Daimon's dark soul reasserted itself and Patsy learned that Daimon was in fact the Son of Satan. This discovery and the fact that Daimon turned more evil over time drove Patsy mad. A villain of Daimon's named Deathurge used this opportunity and compelled Patsy Walker to commit suicide. Unhinged and half possessed by Deathurge, Patsy killed herself. Patsy's soul was then trapped in Mephisto's realm, in a place called the Arena of Tainted Souls, fighting for the rest of eternity alongside ex-Avenger Mockingbird. During this time she further developed her psionic powers. Patsy, Mockingbird, and other heroes were later resurrected by Grim Reaper and were tainted with hatred towards the Avengers. Once Patsy and the other heroes broke free of Grim Reaper's control they went back to Mephisto's Realm. When the Thunderbolts, under the leadership of Hawkeye, went to save Mockingbird from Hell, they were tricked by Hellstorm into saving his ex-wife Patsy instead.

During the Civil War event, Patsy confronts the supervillain Ruby Thursday. Ruby attempts to escape in her car, with Patsy riding on the bumper. She-Hulk breaks up the fight and shows Patsy the result of the fight, namely destruction and traumatized citizens. Patsy willingly registers under the Superhuman Registration Act. Ruby herself is captured by the Two-Gun Kid. Patsy is later seen as one of instructors at Camp Hammond. She is seen among the group fighting the MVP clone, K.I.A. Patsy ignored Nighthawk's offer to join the New Defenders, but it is known that she will be acting as an official superhero in Alaska.

Attuma has become one of the Worthy and is transformed into Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans after he comes into possession of one of the mystic hammers. Nerkkod destroys New Atlantis with his army and Namor is forced to retreat. Namor would eventually liberate the occupied city of New Atlantis with the help of Silver Surfer, Loa, Dr. Strange, and Lyra the Savage She-Hulk. Nerkkod would bolster his army and prepare to conquer the oceans but is confronted by Namor and company. Dr. Strange would conjure up a spell and call upon the Defenders from the past and present--including Hellcat--for reinforcements. Nerkkod is forced to retreat and his army is defeated.

vs. Eye-Scream

Patsy Walker is a pretty spunky fighter. If Eye-Scream wanted to put up some sort of fight he'd have to learn to control his ice cream to possibly cover himself so that when she'd slash at him he'd be able to absorb it in his ice cream form and thus take minimal to zero damage. However Patsy is no slouch as a fighter and was trained by both Cap AND Moondragon who are both formidable hand to hand combatants. Eye-Scream has his work cut out for him for sure and while it'll be a miracle if he won any of these battles, he could POSSIBLY win here. Very very slim.


Patsy is a complete joy. Originally created as a romance comic book character for young girls like the Archie comic book series, she transitioned into the Marvel Super Heroes world and became one herself. Because of this her publication dates back to the early 40s and shes one of the first Marvel super heroes created albeit she wasn't intended to be one at the time. My enjoyment of her def. comes from her wacky beginnings of being in a completely different genre then she is in now. Her personality is a hoot as well. Incredibly self aware, ditsy, fashionista, the woman will tell you what she thinks of you and not really care of the reaction. Her miniseries that came out some years back was fantastic and was everything I'd love to see in a solo adventure in Patsy. If anyone has never read it, def. pick up Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1-5 by Kathryn Immomen! You'll see the quirks that make Hellcat such a swell gal. Come to think of it, I had a website about Patsy as well that needs updating! Might have to get back to that soon. ;)