Name: Megan Gwynn

Alias: Pixie

Powers: Megan possesses insect-like wings (depicted of various colors, depending on the artist) that allow her to fly. In addition, her mutation allows her to produce a "pixie dust" that causes hallucinations, often with comedic effects, such as demons seeing bright bubbles and teddy bears, or in one instance, causing Wolverine to see and try to fight a herd of unicorns. In another instance, Megan uses her dust seemingly harmlessly to enhance the audience's perceptions of Dazzler's light show during a concert. She states that she has no idea what individuals affected by her dust are seeing. After Magik takes part of Megan's soul in an attempt to create a Soulsword, her appearance changes, reflecting the portion of her soul lost to black magic. She also has the ability to detect the supernatural, as evidenced when she fought the N'Garai who were under a cloaking spell. Because the spell to steal Megan's soul was interrupted, a new Soulsword could not be formed; instead, Megan can summon a Souldagger, a mystical item that disrupts magical constructs and harms magical beings. Because of her connection with Magik, as Megan uses the Souldagger, her personality changes and becomes darker and more disturbing. Though untrained in the mystic arts, Pixie possesses the potential to wield magic, largely due to black magic which has filled the missing portions of her soul. Pixie can recite the incantation taught to her by Illyana Rasputin ("Sihal Novarum Chinoth") to teleport over long distances and to the dimension of Limbo. She is capable of teleporting herself and large groups over vast distances and across dimensions with relative ease, though teleporting without focusing ("blind teleporting") can be hazardous, causing those transported to be scattered and potentially causing injury to Pixie herself. She has also been trained in hand-to-hand combat at the institute.

First Appearance: New X-Men #5 (2004)


Megan Gwynn was a Welsh teenager who attended the Xavier Institute for mutants. Her mutant powers activated after an accident with her bicycle in the road nearly hitting a car. She received a scholarship to attend the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. After enrolling at the Institute, Gwynn was assigned to the Paragons training squad under the tutelage of former New Mutant, Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane. When it was revealed that Sinclair had been in a romantic relationship with a student, Josh Foley she left the school, and was replaced by her former teammate, Magma.

Gwynn had proven herself to be an amiable and cheerful student, and she fit in well with her squad. Following the events of House of M, almost all of the Institute's students were de-powered, leading to the dissolution of the school's training squads. Gwynn was one of only 27 students, along with her fellow former Paragons, Trance, Wolf Cub, and Match, to have retained their mutant abilities.

In the 'Quest for Magik' story arc, Pixie was one of the young mutants taken into Limbo by Belasco. She and several other students were rescued by Illyana Rasputin. Illyana selected Pixie as an innocent soul from which to create a new Soulsword. The process was interrupted by Anole, and the end result was Megan holding a small Souldagger, since only a small portion of her soul was transferred and replaced with black magic. Rockslide, newly reformed, then forced Darkchylde to tell them how to get their friends, and she tells him she has to teach Pixie a teleportation spell ( Sihal Novarum Chinoth), which she does after numerous tries they manage to teleport to Belasco's castle. She would then use the Souldagger to incapacitate and seriously weaken Belasco, allowing Illyana to finish him off.

She later mentions that Doctor Strange was willing to teach her more spells once she turned 18, but only if she took a vow of silence (perhaps an indirect way of stating that she talked too much). An examination by Amanda Sefton and Doctor Strange indicated that despite the loss of a fifth of her soul, she had "plenty of soul to spare." After talking to Dust, Beast and Gentle, Pixie talks to Surge, telling her how she thinks Surge and David make a cute couple. They are stopped by Cyclops and Wolverine, Cyclops wanting to talk to Surge, and Pixie wanting to talk to Cyclops, but instead of that she gets to go and train with Wolverine. She then flies through the kitchen behind Loa and Wolf Cub, with Wolverine in chase, cursing about the unicorns he's seeing as a result of her "pixie dust".

After the birth of Hope Summers, Surge calls a meeting with the rest of the students. It is there she tells them of her plan to attack the Purifiers for what they did to the rest of the students after M-Day. As Hellion, Mercury, Rockslide, Anole, Armor and X-23 agree to help Surge, Pixie agrees to help but states that "she won't kill anyone". In the battle between the New X-Men and the Purifiers, Lady Deathstrike stabs Hellion through the chest and it takes both Anole and Rictor to clam her down enough so that she will be able to teleport the New X-Men back home. Pixie then teleports every member of the New X-Men including Rictor from the battle. But as it was a blind teleport they are spread out between Washington and New York. Emma psionically hears Pixie scream and sends Iceman to collect them in the Blackbird.

While Dust, Mercury, and Rockslide are taking flowers to the dead students, Predator X heads up to where the injured ones are, but Gentle and Armor attack it so Pixie can teleport it to X-23 because she remembers Laura killing one of them, but she also teleports them all to where the X-Men are fighting.

Cyclops sends the New X-Men to fight the Marauders, then Omega Sentinel (possessed by Malice at the time) starts attacking Pixie, badly beating her, but Pixie takes out her souldagger and stabs Omega Sentinel in her chest, almost killing her. After Messiah Complex has ended and the institute is shut down, she returns home to Wales.

Following the events of Messiah Complex, Pixie returns to her hometown to find the N'Garai have plague the town and are kidnapping people to feed Kierrok the Damned, their leader. Pixie calls in the X-Men to help defeat the N'Garai and Megan has to face her fear of the mine in which her father was killed to defeat the demons plaguing her town. After defeating Kierrok, Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men take her back to America and she joins the newly reformed X-Men in San Francisco.

After attending a Dazzler concert, Megan and her companion were brutally beaten by human extremists known as the Hellfire Cult. The men wore masks that made them invulnerable to her "Pixie Dust." In the heat of the battle (and intoxication), Pixie forgets how to teleport as well as being too angry to summon her Souldagger, and is left to fight the men hand to hand. Using skills learned from Wolverine, she attempted to fight back, but she was struck down by a club impacting on the back of her head. The incident ruined her wings as well. Somehow, Pixie managed to make it back to the Graymalkin Industries, the current home of the X-Men. Wolverine is the first to see the brutally injured Pixie and finds out what happened to her. Later Pixie is hospitalized for her wounds. When she awakes, Beast is at her side talking to her. After their chat he informs her of a special guest waiting to see her. With a glow of dancing lights around her, Dazzler enters the room. Pixie is floored as her idol is laying eyes upon her at her absolute worst.

Sometime later Wolverine catches Pixie sneaking out of the side door to the hospital. He asks her to where she is headed and she replies that she's going to Oakland, an obvious lie. Not pushing it too hard, Wolverine asks if Dazzler offered her a "gig." Pixie says yes and that she also declined working for her idol. Wolverine shrugs her off with a "Whatever girly girl" and Pixie begins inspecting his car. She asks if his car actually works and he dares her to ask that question again. Next thing you know the pair of them are in the car roaring down the road. Pixie begs him to slow down as they're going too fast. Seconds later they arrive in Oakland, the place Pixie was originally headed. Wolverine questions her intentions for wanting to go to Oakland. She tells him that it's because she thought she could start over with the X-Men. But instead of the new life she was hoping for, she was badly beaten. Pixie exits the car saying she just wanted to be a normal girl. Wolverine reminds her of her wings to which Pixie points out they're broken because of that beating she received from the Hellfire Cult. After a few hours of sitting on the street in her new home, Pixie realizes she's made a great mistake by leaving the X-Men. She borrows a scooter from one of her new friends and heads back to Graymalkin Industries. Pixie is later seen driving by on the Golden Gate Bridge, still on the scooter she borrowed earlier. She has some inner dialogue with herself. It's all mainly to pump her up and to try to keep her mind on things, just to keep things centered and in perspective. She stops along the way and makes a call to Beast. Beast informs her that the X-Men are pursuing a mutant named Empath. He also cautions her not to try and help, to just stay out of it. Pixie reminds him that she is an X-Man, and her teammates need her help. She plugs in Empath's coordinates into her GPS, and heads off. Beast later calls her back and proceeds to yell at the poor girl. He tells her that Empath is very dangerous and she should fall back. Pixie purposely drops her phone and continues on her way. She repeats to herself that they "beat her up, they broke her wings," and is further driven onward by her emotion.

Storm and Wolverine are confronting Empath when Pixie arrives. Wolverine picks up her scent and acknowledges her presence with his signature "girly girl." Pixie leaps off the scooter and yells at Empath, telling him to leave her friends alone. With one arm she elbows him in the nose and badly injures his face. Empath stumbles backwards and Pixie continues wailing on him. Empath tries to mind control her at this point. He repeatedly tells her to "give up" and that she has a "dead dad." But Empath's attempts fail and Pixie continues fighting him.

He tries harder telling her that her dad is now in hell where the other dead dads are but still she resists him. After a moment she forms her souldagger and tells Empath that she herself has been to hell. Holding the blade over her head she also informs him that he wouldn't like it there, before plunging it into his forehead. Empath realizes he can't see and then passes out. Later Pixie and Dazzler are seen on stage performing together.

Pixie and Nightcrawler are having a friendly race via their abilities to teleport. The race was to start at the Transamerica Pyramids and end at the Golden Gate Bridge. By the time Nightcrawler arrives, Pixie has already been there waiting on him. Nightcrawler is shocked that she had made it there so fast but even more shocked when she tells him her next piece of information. Pixie says that not only did she beat him, but she did it all in one "jump." Nightcrawler is floored as he had to take multiple "jumps" to reach the bridge. Nightcrawler reveals that he may be slightly jealous of the young girl and challenges her to one last race. Pixie tells him to name the place and Nightcrawler says the "Danger room."

Without giving her any further warning, Nightcrawler teleports out of sight. Pixie clears the smoke he leaves behind and even says "that's not fair" before using her teleporting spell to chase after him. Even with his years of experience and slight trickery he just pulled, Nightcrawler still couldn't beat Pixie back to the Danger Room. Nightcrawler praises her and tells her that she's exceed all of his expectations and that they're done with their teleporting lessons. Moving gently forward, Nightcrawler asks Pixie if it's alright if they talk about her Souldagger. Pixie immediately becomes defensive and asks Nightcrawler why he wants to know. He tells her that Cyclops wanted him to ask and that just further infuriates Pixie. Nightcrawler continues on, saying that when she uses it, she's not quite "herself."

His comments throw Pixie into an emotional rant. She says, " Colossus' crazy little sister stole a piece of my soul, do you know what that feels like, the emptiness? I HAVE A HOLE IN MY HEART THANKS TO HER." Nightcrawler instantly feels bad and Pixie begins to tear up. A little lost in herself she recounts the moments up to when she was about to have her soul taken. They were just kids in Limbo, all alone. Mercury, Prodigy, and Elixir were all about to die until Illyana said she knew of a way to stop it. So Pixie did what she had to in order to save her friends. She gave up a piece of her soul. Snapping out of her thought Pixie begins to summon her Souldagger to Nightcrawler's disbelief. He asks her what she's doing, but it's too late. She stabs him with her Souldagger with a devilish grin on her face. After a few moments she snaps out of the trance that she's in.

Mercury and Rockslide come running down to see what all has just transpired. Beast enters as well and notes Nightcrawler laying in the middle of the Danger Room with the Souldagger in his chest. Pixie has no idea what she did and is shocked when Mercury, with the help of Rockslide, recount the events. Beast tells Pixie to pull the dagger out to which she hesitates. Mustering up some courage, Pixie pulls the dagger from Nightcrawler's chest and is shocked when something else comes along with it. In pulling out the dagger, Pixie also managed to pull out the Soulsword from Nightcrawler's body. In Limbo, Illyana Rasputin feels something inside her and smiles wickedly. She instantly teleports from Limbo to the X-men Danger Room, noting that they have something she was looking for.

Once again Illyana demands that Pixie return her Soulsword, but gives up tries to reason with her. He fails and is knocked aside by Illyana while Pixie cowers with the sword clutched to her chest. Rockslide then jumps in and tells Megan to get behind her because he's immune to her attacks. He also fails as the last time he was put back together, it was with the surrounding rocks from Limbo. Mercury then tries her hand at harming Illyana. Illyana tells the girl that all she wants is her Soulsword and no one will get hurt. Mercury pushes forward with her attack and succeeds in piercing Illyana in her right shoulder.

Illyana applauds her impressive immunity to her attack but does a different spell to rid the girl from the fight. Turning her attention back onto Pixie, she demands the Soulsword once again. Pixie looks at the Beatrice Medallion hanging around Illyana's neck and tells her she wants a piece of her soul back. Illyana says that if she wants it then she should come and take it. A battle starts between the pair of them but doesn't last long. Illyana says "Gravata Sinova Clatorim" and beams of energy come shooting from her eyes. Pixie blocks them behind the Soulsword and Souldagger, but they are still too much for her to handle and she is defeated. Illyana reclaims her Soulsword from the girl and is transformed into her human form. Illyana's transformation isn't complete and she freaks out and then teleports to Limbo in a hurry.

Colossus fears he's going to lose his sister again so he tells Cyclops he's going after her. To Colossus' surprise, Cyclops doesn't try to stop him, He forms a team of Pixie, Nightcrawler, Rockslide, Wolverine, Colossus, and Mercury to all head into Limbo to help try and retrieve Piotr's little sister. Pixie teleports them to Limbo where they are greeted by demons upon arriving. The team fights their way to a ledge where they look off and can see Belasco's Castle in the distance. Illyana is inside fighting Witchfire who gains control over the Beatrice Medallion. Witchfire stole the soulstone that held Pixie's soul and now holds it in her possession. Pixie cries out as she can feel her soul being transferred from one object to another.

Pixie immediately teleports over to Belasco's castle and begins to hunt for her soul. She passes a mirror and in it sees her reflection of what she would be like if she did end up losing her soul. Distraught and crying she flies harder and faster searching for Illyana. Witchfire greets her and tells her that she should now refer to her as "Master." Pixie sees the Beatrice Amulet on the ground and her soul missing. Witchfire tells her that she is now the owner of her soul and that she should get used to the image she saw of herself in the mirror. Nightcrawler is finally able to teleport the team over and they immediately jump in to try and save Pixie. Witchfire possesses Colossus and Wolverine and makes them attack Mercury and Rockslide. Nightcrawler is over with Illyana and she tells him he must stab her with the Souldagger. He asks her if she's sure and she tells him that there is no other way. Without further hesitation, Nightcrawler stabs Illyana through the heart and Pixie cries out in agony. As Nightcrawler is fighting his possessed team mates Witchfire had taken another piece of Pixie's soul altering her even more towards full demonhood. Now that Witchfire had the final bloodstone needed she opened a portal summoning the Elder gods to their world but the X-Men fought back gaining back the medallion that had the five bloodstones. With the combined efforts of Illyana and Megan the last bloodstone was freed and the spell that brought fourth the Elder gods broken. As Witchfire is seen being sucked through the closing portal Megan notice's she has the medallion with the other bloodstone's trying her hardest to get them back she fails and takes out her anger on both Nightcrawler and Illyana before summoning her Souldagger to find it altered with another part of her soul lost to it. Seeing this Megan flies off from the group saddened and angry.

Tricked by some demons into going to what they think is a Dazzler concert, Pixie, X-23, Mercury and Hisako are trapped in an illusion and made to believe they are in high school. In the illusion, Pixie manages to cool off a furious X-23 and buy the girls some lunch in the cafeteria. Laura gets into a confrontation with a guy but before Pixie can do anything a fight breaks out and she's stabbed in the back by the cafeteria Lady - in fact it's a demon working for Saturnine, who's responsible for all of this. Waking up in some kind of room, Pixie is given an elixir made of her own pixie dust by the demon cafeteria Lady that sends her back into the school illusion. Walking out of the infirmary she is soon met by Laura and Armor being chased by demons and then puzzles over why demons are in her school.

In a flashback, we see how the girls got into this situation - on a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere in the Bay Area, Pixie teleports them to the supposed Dazzler show. After taking out a goon with her pixie dust, they manage to find the right spot, except it's taking place in a demon-filled club. The girls enter and look around and are magicked into the illusion world.

Back in the illusion, Pixie reappears dressed in a prom dress and is pronounced the Prom Queen as she starts modifying the illusion herself. She gives her so-called friends the hand and begins acting mean toward them. Finally losing her patience and wanting them to be happy for her, she stabs Ruth with her very own Souldagger which knocks Ruth out of the illusion. Ruth had joined the illusion using her mutant powers, but had never actually gone with the other girls to the concert. Laura quickly jumps in, grabbing Pixie's hand and neck, telling her to stop but she is unable to. With things getting out of control, the demons take Mercury, Armor and X-23 away and keep them in a basement in the abandoned school building where this is all really taking place.

Meanwhile, Pixie's mother Mrs. Gwynn, who was not happy that Pixie was with the X-Men, goes to look for her on Utopia. Failing to find her there, she seeks out Lady Mastermind and Mastermind II. She informs them that she knew their father and that they had been usurped as the babies of the family, as Pixie is their younger half-sister (sharing Mastermind as their father). The truth behind Pixie's kidnapping is revealed to be an attempt by Saturnine to get Mrs Gwynn's magicks. Back on Utopia, Rockslide and Anole find Blindfold and go to Emma Frost, worried about the disappearance of the other girls. Nightcrawler and Psylocke, having just met Mrs Gwynn, are also concerned and the assembled X-Men travel to find Pixie and the others. Mrs Gwynn arrives at the abandoned school with Regan and Martinique, followed by the X-Men. The Ladies Mastermind, Pixie, and Mrs. Gwynn are successful in casting an illusion which tricks Saturnine into killing himself, when he tries to sheathe the fake soul-sword in his chest, instead, stabbing himself to death.

Pixie is part of the team selected by Cyclops to rescue Illyana Rasputin from Limbo. The team, led by Cannonball, also consists of Northstar, Dazzler, Gambit, Trance and Anole. When first approached by Cyclops to teleport the team to limbo, Pixie refuses Cyclops and is angered by the fact that he doesn't seem to care that Illyana stole a piece of her soul. It takes some coaxing from Anole to get Pixie to agree to accompany the other X-Men back to Limbo. Upon entering Limbo the team is confronted with a large contingent of demons.

Pixie and Trance are separated from the other members of the team by the ever changing landscape of Limbo. While fighting demons they encounter N'astirh and Sym. N'astirh offers to return Pixie's stolen piece of soul in return for the Soulsword and the death of Magik. Trance attempts to stop Pixie from accepting, but her astral form returns to her body in Utopia.

Pixie ultimately refuses, freeing Magik because it's what an X-Man would do. When a corrupted Gambit, Northstar and Dazzler confront them along with a contingent of demons, she, Magik and N'Astirh are forced to side with each other to keep from being overwhelmed. Cannonball and Anole arrive to turn the tide, and Magik is eventually able to return them all to Earth. Magik is grateful to Pixie for sparing her, but the animosity Pixie has for Illyana remains unresolved.

Pixie and Jubilee are together in San Francisco when a suicide vampire bomber explodes, spraying Jubilee with blood. Pixie is unharmed but rushes Jubilee back to Utopia for help. Later, Pixie is chosen by Wolverine to accompany him on a mission to find information about the recent vampire attacks. While investigating an alley, they are attacked by a random gang. Pixie, Wolverine, and Angel quickly defeat them and move on to investigate a nearby warehouse. Pixie is ordered to stay at the entrance as Wolverine continues in and is attacked by a vampire. The vampire woman is defeated and the group discovers a room filled with human bodies being used as a blood source.

Following Second Coming Pixie is seen leaving Utopia for some rest and relaxation. She is later attacked by an army of demon like creatures. She attempts to teleport away but is silenced by some kind of spell. She then fails in an attempt to fight back with her souldagger. She is restrained by the army and her dagger is taken from her. The leader of the attackers claims to be looking for the soul sword but states that the dagger will do.

Still being held captive by the army orchestrated in Limbo, Pixie is seen for a brief moment. Her soul dagger is still being used to extract a soul gem, but the army men discuss how that they need all of Pixies soul. Pixie of course puts up a fight and struggles with the guards, she uses her pixie dust on them creating some illusions but the guard shoots his gun and fires a large amount of bullets. Not knowing what happened to Pixie the New Mutants arrive to find her and the soul dagger. The demonic soldier extracts the bloodstone engraved from Pixie's Souldagger to be used as a final piece for the bloodstone amulet. Magik, Pixie, and Karma escape back to Utopia where the X-Men are made aware of the situation. After the final battle with General Ulysses, Magik returns Pixie's lost bloodstones and dagger to her and tell her to do what she wishes with them.

In an attempt to help Jubilee cope with her new vampire powers, Pixie hangs out with Jubilee on Utopia. Although Pixie gives it her best effort, Jubilee acts cold towards her friend, and is able to get Pixie to admit that Logan asked her to hang out with her, although she wanted to anyway. In an attempt to lighten the mood Pixie purposes they have a race, her teleportation versus Jubilee's new vampire speed. Jubilee is not amused by Pixie's lighthearted attitude and attempt to crush her with a boulder. Pixie teleports away in time and Jubilee escapes. Later, as Pixie is watching Jeopardy with Armor and Rockslide, the trio of them get into a discussion about Jubilee. Pixie and Rockslide seem to wish Jubilee was there hanging out with them, but Armor feels strongly towards the opposite. Rockslide notices his hand start to glow with the symbol of a pendant that the now vampiric X-Man was wearing, and he sets out to search for her... all the while Pixie and Armor continue gossiping and playing along with the gameshow.

Pixie along with Cyclops, Gambit, Storm and Moonstar head towards an old Native American village where an old friend of Dani's named Arnold Blackfeather calls for her assistance. The X-Men arrive to find Arnold's wife is about to be sealed off due to her being unable to contain the demon's in her soul any longer. Suddenly a female Ghost Rider appears claiming that the town reeks of sin. Whist the X-Men and Ghost Rider talk about their involvement at the town the demon's contained in the women's soul break free for their prison calling themselves the Atahsaia. Quickly a battles erupts between the two sides and in the heat of it Pixie takes a book of spell's from Arnold. With demon's chasing her through the air Storm defends Pixie which allows both to return to Cyclops in the town. Ghost Rider and Moonstar lead the demon's into Hell and just as they escape, Pixie uses a spell from the book to seal the demon's there forever.

During the events of Schism, Megan and Magik worked teleporting the X-men across the world to battle the sentinels. During one battle she got injured and was moved to Utopia where she recieved medical attention. She was injured that she couldn't concentrate to use her teleport spell.

Before the sentinel created by the new Hellfire Club arrived to Utopia, the kids and the lights discussed if stay to battle the sentinel or run away from Utopia. Pixie said that despite her injuries she would help to battle the sentinels alongside the rest of the students, because she was an X-Man. The Lights then decided to stay and help too. During these moments Megan and Gabriel befriended very well.

After the battle Gabriel got injured. Pixie came to the medical bay to see how he was and both started to flirt. Soon Hope arrived to see how was Gabriel and found him and Pixie kissing. Angrily Hope left the medical bay. Pixie then asked Gabriel if he and Hope were dating and he replied kinda. Angrily Pixie slapped Gabriel and left the medical bay too. Megan was planning to leave Utopia to join the new school of Wolverine, but Hope asked her to stay and became the teleporter of her team so they could arrive in time to help new mutants. Pixie then decided to stay in Utopia and joined Hope's squad, despite Gabriel didn't like the idea.

Upon Pixie becoming a fully-fledged member of the X-Men, she has recently joined Storm's Security Recon Team. Cyclops' international act of attack and defence for Utopia under Storm's leadership and jurisdiction.

A couple of Skrulls had apprehended Pixie concerning the Fantastic Four's son, Franklin Richards, they had then manipulated her into thinking that they were going to kill him if she didn't comply with their wishes and teleported them into the Baxter Building, to prevent that from happening, she teleported them inside which alerted alerted the FF, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm and Reed Richards, they went to the point of infiltration and helped rescue Pixie from the Skrull, she didn't exactly like that. After the battle was over, Storm, Domino and Warpath came in to bring Pixie back to Utopia, Pixie felt as if she had made a fool infront of her teammates and the FF by falling for the Skrulls deception. The four of them then managed to find themselves inside Horizon Labs, Storm and the rest of them seemed to have been looking for something important, Pixie tried to converse with Storm but was snubbed off, she took note of that, she then observed the way in which Storm and Domino were conversing amongst themselves and found out that this was a bigger deception in itself, she then realised that they were Skrulls as well, at that same moment the Skrulls that she was with changed back to their true forms, they then proceeded to hold Pixie hostage, in annoyance, she fought back with all her might, thinking on how she was stupid enough to fall for anothe trick, in the end, she was out-numbere and lost the fight. While still in capture-mode, the Skrulls were discussing how they were going to get back home as they had no business for a second Secret Invasion, as she watches them, they start to recall the events of the Secret Invasion, and how they were the Skrulls that were left behind after the final battle. She then notices that some of the Skrulls weren't exactly complying with eachother's wishes, they weren't all on the same page.

After the trip down memory lane, they hear something coming from the corridors, one of the Skrulls goes to check it out, Pixie tries to escape but then he threatens to shoot her in the head which causes her to stop. All of a sudden, Spiderman comes in and fly kicks the lead Skrull, Pixie uses this oppurtunity to conjure up a plan, the Skrulls that were blasted out the window are then saved by Pixie using her teleportation spell as she realises that her plan wont work if they're taken off the grid, meanwhile, the real Storm, Domino and Warpath appear in New York after it comes under assault when a large ship charges from underneath, while she tries to ease the situation, an innocent child gets taken by the lead Skrull, Pixie sees this and does nothing, after that, a Skrull-made machine apprehends all of them.

The Skrull-made machine's begin to wreck havoc in New York City, the Security Recon team and the FF join forces to help stop it, Warpath notices that Pixie isn't with them, Storm acknowledges that assures him that they'll need to trust Pixie in what she's doing. Pixie teleports herself, Spiderman and two other Skrulls into the escape ship, she orders one of the Skrulls to take her to the ships control pod, amidst that the battle still rages on outside, back inside, Pixie remembers what Logan used to tell her about having instinct, and when it comes into act. The innocent boy that was captured then starts messing with the control pad, Pixie sees this and stops him, her plan starts coming to an end, as she simultaneously teleports to each room of the ship, telling the Skrulls there what to do in order for them to leave Earth and how much time they've got left. She teleports herself out with Spiderman and the little boy and manages to "save the day", she then meets up with Storm who asks about the Skrull's whereabouts, Pixie then tells her that she has nothing to worry about.

vs. Eye-Scream

What a bizarre match this would be, lol. A young girl with pixie wings that sprinkles pixie dust and summon a souldagger and a man that turns into ice cream. Eye-Scream would again have to remain on the defensive however Pixie's hallucinogenic pixie dust could completely derail any momentum he would gain. This would cause him to see random illusions and Pixie could go in for the hurt. If she brings out her soul dagger theres no telling what could happen as she loses a bit of herself every time she brings it out. He could potentially absorb the blows but who knows if he isn't already under the pixie dust?


There aren't many characters that are as happy as Megan is. That's my most favorite part about her is that she is constantly upbeat and hilarious. While Magik's soul stealing did darken her up slightly, she fights the darkness every time to remain the same plucky Pixie. Chris Yost's New X-Men, while incredibly violent, was a great series that really examined her character and made her what she is today. She's on the most popular characters from Marvel's batch of new characters and she isn't based on a male hero which is fantastic! The pink haired mutant will most likely be an X-Member for a long time and I'm happy to follow her wherever she'll go.