Name: Pietro Maximoff

Alias: Quicksilver

Powers: Quicksilver is a mutant capable of moving and thinking at superhuman speeds. Originally capable of running at the speed of sound; exposure to the High Evolutionary's Isotope E made it possible for the character to run at supersonic speeds of up to Mach 5 and resist the effects of friction, reduced oxygen, and kinetic impact while moving at super-speeds. The character's speed allows him to perform feats such as create cyclone-strength winds; run up walls and cross bodies of water. It has been revealed that one of the reasons for his abrasive and impatient personality is that it seems to him that the rest of the world is moving in slow motion and that he is constantly waiting for it to catch up. As he once explained, "Have you ever had a day where you are at the ATM and you are in a hurry because you're running late but the person in front of you doesn't know how to use the ATM and they're taking forever? Now imagine what it must be like to spend every day surrounded by people who don't know how to use the ATM."

First Appearance: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends #1 (1981)


The character first appears with his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch, as a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the title X-Men. The siblings are mutants, with Pietro possessing superhuman speed and Wanda able to control probability. The pair are recruited by their father Magneto after he saves Wanda from a mob after she accidentally causes a house to burst into fire. Quicksilver stays with her to protect her. After several brief appearances in the title X-Men where the X-Men realize they are not evil, they depart when Magneto and his lackey the Toad are abducted by the cosmic entity the Stranger. They then travel back to Europe. Pietro and his sister reform and are recruited by Avenger Iron Man to join superhero team the Avengers, after they discover they are advertising for new members and want to get support for themselves.

Together with leader Captain America and former villain Hawkeye, the four become the second generation of Avengers, and are later dubbed "Cap's Kooky Quartet". Quicksilver first thought he should be leader, though he is captured by the Mole Man on the first mission. He is rescued by the Avengers, who defeat the Minotaur without him, and would sometimes quarrel with the other members. The Scarlet Witch becomes close friends with Hawkeye and both become loyal members of the team until Wanda is accidentally shot on a mission against Magneto. Quicksilver then flees from the Avengers with his wounded sister. The pair accompany Magneto back to his mid-Atlantic base, where the character captures the X-Men and Pietro skirmishes with the X-Man Cyclops. After a solo appearance by Quicksilver in the title The Amazing Spider-Man, the twins finally realize that Magneto is the true villain. Pietro and Wanda reappear in the title X-Men and are then kidnapped along with several other mutants by the robot Sentinels, and are subsequently freed by the X-Men.

The character reappears in the title Avengers, and advises the team that Wanda has been kidnapped and taken to another dimension by the warlord Arkon. After Wanda is rescued, Pietro and his sister rejoin the team. During one mission Quicksilver is wounded by a Sentinel and in the title Fantastic Four is found by Crystal, a member of the Inhumans. Crystal nurses Pietro back to health, and the pair are eventually married. In the title Giant-Size Avengers Pietro and Wanda also meet Robert Frank - formerly World War II hero the Whizzer - who was present at Mount Wundagore (the birthplace of the siblings) with his wife at the time of their birth. Frank briefly joins the Avengers, believing Pietro and Wanda to be his children. The Scarlet Witch also becomes romantically involved with her Avengers teammate the android Vision. Although Pietro initially disapproves, the character eventually gives his blessing to their marriage, featured in Giant-Size Avengers.

Quicksilver features with the Inhumans and Fantastic Four against the villain the Sphinx in a Fantastic Four annual, and the siblings' origin is explored in the title Avengers when gypsy Django Maximoff kidnaps Pietro and Wanda and returns to Mount Wundagore in the country of Transia, where they were born. After a battle with the Avengers against the Elder God Chthon, the siblings learn from Bova, one of the New Men created by the character the High Evolutionary, that they are the children of Maximoff, and not Robert Frank. Quicksilver then returns to Attilan (city of the Inhumans) and in the title Fantastic Four is revealed to have had a daughter (Luna) with Crystal.

During the limited series title Vision and the Scarlet Witch, Magneto forces Bova to reveal the truth about his missing children, who are revealed to be Pietro and Wanda. After their mother Magda dies in childbirth, the children are given by the High Evolutionary to Django Maximoff to raise as his own. Pietro and Wanda reject Magneto when told. The character makes several appearances in the second limited series Vision and the Scarlet Witch, and his marriage to Crystal is also strained when she has an affair. In a West Coast Avengers annual Crystal's uncle Maximus the Mad (also brother of Inhuman king Black Bolt) uses technology to cause Quicksilver to become psychotic.

Quicksilver battles the West Coast Avengers and in an X-Factor annual is captured by the Inhumans and cured of his condition. In an effort to repent for his actions, Pietro appears in Avengers West Coast and aids the team against Magneto and the villain Immortus, who has captured Wanda. Although successful, Pietro refuses to return to Crystal and in the title X-Factor joins a revised version of the now U.S. government-sponsored superhero team. The character and Crystal are reunited during the storyline Bloodties when the Avengers, X-Factor and X-Men team to stop a group of mutant terrorists who kidnap their daughter Luna, and are responsible for a civil war on the island nation of Genosha. After dealing with the threat, Quicksilver learns of Crystal's relationship with Avenger the Black Knight and leaves, also resigning from X-Factor.

The character also features in a self-titled limited series, with Quicksilver taking daughter Luna and travelling to Mt. Wundergore, aiding the High Evolutionary and his Knights of Wundagore against villains Exodus and the Man Beast. Quicksilver uses the experimental Isotope E to augment his powers, allowing him to move at greater supersonic speeds. A future version of Pietro called "Nestor" appears and reveals that his powers are not speed but rather temporal based. Quicksilver also rejoins a reformed Avengers in the third volume of the series and features briefly in the second volume of Heroes for Hire.

Quicksilver features in the limited series Magneto Rex, and with half-sister Polaris spies on their father Magneto, who is now the ruler of Genosha. Quicksilver is banished when he rallies the Avengers against Magneto. Quicksilver makes sporadic appearances in Avengers and the mutant titles X-Factor and X-Men until featuring in the limited series X-Men: Age of Apocalypse in a battle with the despot Apocalypse.

Quicksilver plays a pivotal role in the limited series House of M, convincing his now mentally unstable sister Wanda to use her abilities to warp reality and create a world where mutants are in a majority and humans are the minority - with Magneto established as absolute ruler - while also giving their fellow heroes their own greatest desires - having abducted Professor X to read the minds of the heroes - to discourage them from trying to restore history and stop them from killing Wanda. Thanks to Wolverine retaining his memories, along with the mysterious Layla Miller, many of Earth's heroes regain their memories and battle Magneto, who also remembers and realizes that Pietro is to blame for this mistake. Magneto kills Quicksilver (crushing his body with a robot Sentinel) in a rage at this perceived 'abuse' of his dream, although the character is resurrected and the normal reality restored when the Scarlet Witch witnesses this, telling Magneto he cares more for mutants than his own children. In retaliation the Scarlet Witch has also depowered 98% of the mutant population, which by accident includes Quicksilver.

The story continues in the limited series Son of M, with Quicksilver, desperate to regain his powers, exposing himself to the Terrigen Mist (the source of the Inhumans' mutations and abilities) and inserts Terrigen crystals into his body - all without permission from Black Bolt. Courtesy of the Terrigen crystals, Quicksilver gains new "time jumping" powers and kidnaps his daughter Luna. Quicksilver discovers the crystals can restore mutant abilities but have an extreme effect on non-Inhuman physiology, causing several deaths. Quicksilver and Crystal meet again in the direct sequel, limited series Silent War, when Black Bolt demands the return of the crystals. When Crystal sees how he has mutated, she declares their marriage annulled according to Inhuman law.

In the title X-Factor the crystals are removed from Quicksilver's body by another mutant, leaving him powerless once again. Destitute and jailed for vagrancy in the one-shot X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead, Quicksilver has a series of hallucinations and inexplicably regains his super speed. Escaping jail, Quicksilver rescues an innocent and rediscovers his desire to be a hero.

Quicksilver appears in the title The Mighty Avengers and is used as a pawn by Elder God Chthon, with the character's spirit trapped in the arcane tome called the Darkhold. The Avengers defeat Chthon, and Quicksilver's consciousness is "downloaded" into the body of Vision, before being restored to his own body. Quicksilver joins the team after learning that it is Wanda (Asgardian god Loki in disguise) who brought the team together. After the events of the Secret Invasion storyline the character is publicly exonerated of former crimes, with an unknown Skrull being blamed (although Henry Pym, Maximoff's daughter Luna, and Avengers butler Jarvis are aware of the lie). Quicksilver also resumes wearing his original green costume. Quicksilver loses the respect of his daughter Luna when he lies to the Inhumans and claims that many of his past actions were actually perpetrated by a Skrull impostor.

Quicksilver finally learns that the person he thought was his sister is actually Loki in disguise. Enraged, he and the rest of the team travel to the Isle of Silence to set a trap for the god of mischief. After imprisoning Loki in a device designed by Hank Pym, he begins torturing the god for information about Wanda's whereabouts. Loki offers no information about her and manages to contact Thor to beg for his help. Thor arrives and attacks Quicksilver for the way he is treating Loki. He is able to outrun the thunder god's lightning but is eventually overpowered. He is one of the Avengers who joins Hercules, Amadeus Cho and their allies in an assault on Olympus Group Headquarters. He battles Amazon warrior women alongside Zeus and helps a wounded Wolverine defeat the Huntsman, stabbing him through the chest with his own weapon.

Quicksilver is later summoned by the Ghost using Amadeus Cho's technology, to defend Asgard against the Thunderbolts. He single handedly defeats Mister X who is in possession of the Spear of Odin. Mr. X isn't able to react quickly enough despite his abilities and Quicksilver viciously beats him down with a piece of debris. He is seen alongside the other Avengers against the Void-possessed Sentry in the events of Siege.

Quicksilver accompanies the Avengers in pursuing Magneto and the Young Avengers when they go to find the Scarlet Witch. When the Avengers catch up to them at Wundagore Mountain and it is revealed that the Scarlet Witch there is actually a Doombot in disguise, Quicksilver prepares to fight his father.

Quicksilver joins the teaching staff of Avengers Academy to teach young students how to become heroes. He does so in order to distance himself from the legacy of his father Magneto. One of the new students, Finesse, figures out that his story about being abducted by Skrulls is a lie. She blackmails him into giving her "private lessons" on everything he learned during his time with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Finesse convinces Quicksilver to help her search for the Taskmaster, who might be her biological father. After arriving at what they thought was an abandoned training camp, they found it still in use and quickly captured the criminals they found there. Quicksilver returned to the mansion and encountered Tigra, who was upset because some of the students assaulted the Hood on her behalf. During a heated exchange Quicksilver managed to convince her that kicking them out of the Academy for trying to help would only turn them against becoming heroes. At the new campus for the Avengers Academy (where the Faculty are offering to train other superpowered youths), Quicksilver is revealed to be mentoring Lightspeed as a teacher's assistant.

vs. Eye-Scream

Like Bluestreak, Quicksilver possesses superhuman speed but he can also think at superhuman levels as well. Well with Bluestreak Eye-Scream could POTENTIALLY beat her since she is fairly overconfident and cocky, Quicksilver is a whole other ballgame. Eye-Scream could deploy the same trick he does on Bluestreak but Quicksilver has much more experience with his abilities and the ability to think on his feet much faster than anyone else. Annoying Quicksilver would most likely be Eye-Scream's best bet as that could throw him off his game and we all know how impatient and quick to action Pietro is.


Quicksilver is a very fun character who's recently been sent through the ringer after the events of M-Day. Speedsters are actually fairly rare in the Marvel Universe as I think thinking of villains for speedsters are pretty hard. How is your villain credible when your character can shackle them in handcuffs and put them in jail before they begin their plan? Pietro is very impatient, something I can relate with, and this is because he views everything in slow motion. Everything moves at a snails pace around him so him running quickly is like regular running to him. His stories are also very, very good since hes a very conflicted character with many strong relationships. His relationship with his father Magneto is incredibly strained, his sister he loves more than anything, his ex-wife Crystal and him don't really see eye to eye (especially after the awesome mini-series Son of M). All in all, Pietro's dialogue always spruces up a storyline since he's always so angry all the time lol. I love when he shows up and just lays into people, its fantastic.