Name: Walter Newell

Alias: Stingray

Powers: Walter Newell designed and wears the Stingray battlesuit, an armored exoskeleton suit composed of a superhard artificial cartilage designed mainly for underwater use. The Stingray battlesuit enhances his strength and durability to superhuman levels, which allow him to operate within the crushing pressures of the ocean depths. His suit is equipped with an oxygen-diffusing system providing breathable air almost indefinitely, allowing him to breathe underwater. The suit also gives him enhanced swimming speed and its streamlined wings allow him to glide through air for great distances. The suit's chief offensive weapon is a powerful electrical discharge device built into the exoskeleton, able to project bolts of up to 20,000 volts through air or water and released through the gloves. Walter Newell has a gifted intellect, and has a Ph. D. in oceanography. He is an experienced oceanographer, and a skilled inventor of experimental oceanographic equipment.

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #95 (1967)


Walter Newell first appears as an oceanographer working for the United States government. The character encounters the hybrid hero Namor, the Sub-Mariner and his lover, Lady Dorma, whilst supervising the construction of a domed sub-sea city whose purpose is to harvest food for mankind. The city, however, is destroyed by the villain the Plunderer. Newell becomes a perennial character in the title Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner and aids the hero and Dorma against the villain Tiger Shark and is coerced by the government into investigating the disappearance of water from the Earth's oceans. This is attributed to aliens who are believed to be in league with Namor. Ordered to capture Namor, Newell develops a suit based on the form of the sea creature the manta ray, and as Stingray captures Namor, who was weakened at the time. Newell, however, believes Namor to be innocent and allows him to escape.

Stingray aids Namor and the Inhuman Triton against a group of Atlanteans who destroy an ocean liner and falsely claim to have done so for Namor. The culprit is revealed to be Atlantean warlord Attuma, who is eventually defeated. Stingray assists Namor in a search for his father, Leonard Mackenzie, with Mackenzie being accidentally killed in a battle with villains Llyra and Tiger Shark.

Walter then moves his oceanographic facilities and research to Hydro-Base, an artificial island previously used by the insane ecologist Dr. Hydro (occupied by Dr. Henry Croft and the passengers of an airplane, who were captured by Hydro and changed into merfolk known as the Hydro-Men). As Stingray, Newell aids Fantastic Four member the Thing; Triton and heroine the Scarlet Witch against the villains the Serpent Squad and company Roxxon Oil to prevent them from obtaining the artifact the Serpent Crown. Stingray is present when Mister Fantastic cures Croft and the other passengers, and aids the Thing, and Inhumans Gorgon and Karnak against Maelstrom's Minions, who steal a dose of the healing compound.

Newell then marries Diane Arliss, the sister of Todd Arliss (the real name of villain Tiger Shark) and leased part of Hydro-Base to superhero team the Avengers, and becomes an associate member of the team. During the first Armor Wars storyline, Avenger Iron Man confronts Stingray, mistakenly believing that Newell's suit was based on technology stolen from Stark Enterprises. Stingray aids the Avengers when Hydro-Base is invaded by Heavy Metal, a team of robot villains (the Super-Adaptoid; Machine Man; Awesome Android; TESS-One and the Kree Sentry 459).

During the Acts of Vengeance storyline the Hydro-Base is damaged and sinks, with Stingray aiding the Avenger Quasar in a salvage operation, and then joining a group of reserve Avengers in a battle against the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android. In the title Marvel Comics Presents Stingray encounters now-brother-in-law Tiger Shark and after a battle work together to save Diane Arliss, who is trapped after a cave-in. The character aids the Avengers; Canadian super team Alpha Flight and the People's Protectorate during the Crossing Line storyline and with Namor battles a subterranean army.

After featuring in a Marvel Comics Presents solo story the character appears in the first storyline of the third volume of the title the Avengers. Stingray aids the Avengers in an extended storyline against the futuristic villain Kang the Conqueror. During the Civil War storyline, Stingray is a member of the Secret Avengers - led by Captain America - who oppose the Superhuman Registration Act. After Captain America's arrest and subsequent death, Stingray accepts Tony Stark's (Iron Man's alter ego) offer of a full pardon, and joins The Initiative.

vs. Eye-Scream

Stingray possess enhanced strength and durability and can shoot powerful volts of electricity at his foes to stun or render them unconscious. However, while Stingray is still formidable on land and in the air it is in the water where he truly shines as his suit is specifically designed to be underwater and to combat foes underneath the depths. If Eye-Scream wanted to win this fight he'd need maybe disperse himself in the water in his ice cream form although I'd have no idea how tight his control of himself would be or if he'd be able to come back together.


I remember first being exposed to Stingray in my brother's Avengers #400. At the bookend of the comic there was a gatefold of every member of the Avengers that had ever been up to that point and had their head shots and every appearance in the title. As I browsed it I remember seeing the bizarre mask that Stingray used and was intrigued by the simplicity of the costume. As my uncle had collected every issue of the Avengers we had gotten the chance to essentially read every Avengers comic ever and it was then that I got to read about Stingray and his incredibly awesome costume. What I enjoy about Walter is that he's not really into super heroics but that doesn't hold him back when he has too. Hes into his science and researching everything to do with marine life. I find that to be more real than someone who would necessary risk their lives day in and day out selflessly as opposed to someone who is a good person and helps when he can and if you call him. Hes interested in building his family and his work and that's pretty commendable.