Welcome X-Fans, my name is Chris and I'll be your webmaster for this evening. I am pleased to reveal to you this redesigned fansite, dedicated to a Marvel villain by the name of Eye-Scream. Featured in the comic Obnoxio vs. the X-Men #1 in 1983, Eye-Scream faced the X-Men and lost. Having not appeared since then, this site is designed to honor this character in a way Marvel never could. Why Eye-Scream you ask? I'm afraid itís quite hard to explain. Ever since I read about him in an April Fools issue of the now cancelled Wizard magazine, Eye-Scream has held a certain mystique for me. Could it be his complete ridiculousness? Perhaps. What draws me to him is the wasted potential I see in his character. A real underdog, persecuted not only by humans for being a mutant but by mutants themselves for being worthless. He could be a really interesting character if given a chance, but alas, here we are. I truly hope you enjoy your stay here and who knows...you may come away just as big a fan as me!

The links at the top of the page contain all the information you'll need to know about Eye-Scream. Please feel free to hit the contact button located at the top as well if you'd like to share any of your comments or concerns. I love hearing from visitors from the site. =)

Updates (November 27, 2020)

- Well, with my web host shutting its doors in March, it seems like it might finally be the end of this website. I'm still on the fence on whether I want to find a different host for it since its been live for so long now (almost 17 years!) but we will see. I fixed some broken image links on the site since its been ages since I've updated just to get everything in somewhat working order. Have to go out with a bang, right? Thank you everything who has visited this site for so many years and whomever winds up seeing it on the leadup to its demise. Its been such a great run and I will always remember this site as one of the most fun projects I ever had the pleasure of doing. Here's to Eye-Scream!