Site History

So I see you're still at the site? That’s always a good sign. What a lot of people ask me is, “What prompted you to make the site? What exactly draws you to this particular character, instead of characters with long held backgrounds, personalities, etc?” It’s hard to say really. When most people think of their favorite Marvel characters, they mostly head into a mainstream decision. Spider-Man, Wolverine; characters with a rich history and appearances to garner their popularity. I've always leant my favorites in any genre to the obscure. Obscure characters are the ones that not everyone has seen and because of this, most companies that make the genre tend to forget about them or just leave them in limbo. Which, of course, brings us back to Eye-Scream. Eye-Scream first caught my attention back in April of 2003.


I was sitting at home one day and just really lazing around, skimming through a copy of my brother's Wizards magazine, which he had gotten a subscription of at the time. Wizards was a monthly magazine that offered comic book news straight to you. Upcoming information on all things comics and pop culture delivered to your door. Internet sites like Newsarama or Comic Book Resources kind of took its place and it’s sadly been cancelled. However, we are digressing. Wizards, aside from news, also had fun articles with themes. It just so happened to be the April Fools Day issue and the magazine was jam packed with random comic moments that were witty, odd, and strange. As I stumbled upon each page, a particular section caught my eye -- Weirdest Moments in Comics. It had to be good right? It had stuff from Godzilla playing basketball with Charles Barkley to some weirdo superhero who drove a truck in space. As I laughed at the entries, I came across THIS. I couldn't believe it...Marvel had created a mutant villain character for the X-Men that could turn into ice cream. While I knew for a fact that this probably hadn't been mentioned since due to the sheer absurdity, I still needed to know everything there was about this character. So, with that, I quickly ran to my basement and logged onto the internet.


Naturally, there was very little information on Eye-Scream located there, but the internet search did its job. Reading his bio, I quickly went to an internet store and purchased Obnoxio the Clown vs. the X-Men #1. Knowing that after I would read that issue I'd be done with everything regarding the character, I quickly became disappointed. Was that it? I found out everything I needed or ever wanted to know about Eye-Scream in close to 15 seconds of searching. Most people would've laughed and continued on their way. But I lingered there. And then...I had it! A website! Dedicated to this pathetic character. Genius!



And so began the journey of creating the Eye-Scream Fansite. My biggest concern was if anyone would really care to visit a site about a character with little to no background. But once I leapt into the process of organizing and creating the site, that worry went away. It no longer really mattered to me. The only thing that mattered was that I finally had a place of my own on the web and I was showcasing and spotlighting a character that never never garnered it, ever. On May 23rd, 2003, the Eye-Scream fansite opened and I was overjoyed. I had finished and my baby was ready to be viewed by the world. While never a "popular" site, I got visited by many webmasters from other X-Men sites who commended me on creating a site on such a character and said they were made a fan. As layouts changed and content was tweaked, we finally landed where we are today. I really can't believe it’s been around this long. I'd really like to thank everyone who has visited the site and sent me encouraging e-mails to keep it going and to thank the new visitors for taking time from their day to see a fan-crazed webmaster share to you his feelings on a rather pointless character. And thirdly—and lastly—I'd like to thank Eye-Scream, for turning a simple "Who is this?" into a lifelong web passion. Eye-Scream will be my favorite Marvel character for years to come. And who knows? Maybe Marvel will finally dredge up that Obnoxio issue and re-use such a hilarious villain.